Monday, 6 November 2006

Facebook Archive - It's Not My Day

I had just written quite a long note here, with the intention of wasting 25 minutes before my last class, but alas I accidently pressed the damn back button that they insist on putting mice nowdays and lost the lot!

Oh well all is not lost I had in fact only wasted 15 minutes so writting a new note will hopefully take me right up to 5pm at which time I shall depart for the joys of the political analysis class.

However the mouse incedent is yet another confirmation that the world hates me, I am ill, I have 3 essays due in a matter of weeks and I have no idea where to start (and there is the knowledge that this year actually counts!) First bus drivers hate me, I'm behind with all my reading due to an excessive amount of campaigning for an election I failed to win, But most of all i'm ill and I have to walk home with 6 hardback books in my bag, which will probably turn out to be absolutely no use to me.

Well one good thing I have successfully wasted around 15 minutes. Oh I just pressed the stupid back button agian, but for some reason this time all my hard work was still here, I really don't understand computers!!!

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