Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Facebook Archive - Everything Works But Nothing Works Very Well

The above title is a quote from my mother when referring to our new house. I consider it to be something of an understatement. We have no mobile signal, no tv signal, the central heating still works on a coal fulled heater (note that mother is not sure that we have enough coal to last over the christmas and new year period), the hot water always runs out, I am half an hour from the nearest town, the roads to that town are narrow, bendy and at this time of year foggy and icy as well. I am surrounded by unpacked boxes, the christmas decorations are yet to be found and when they are probably won't be put up, as mum doesn't see the point given I'll probably be working over christmas, my first year without a christmas tree! :( Not that I actually know when I'm working yet because although I should have been told when my shifts are people have neglected to tell me, I suppose I'll find out when I go to work tonight. Ah back to centre parcs for another holiday, screaming children, difficult guests. The Joy! All in all this christmas is looking less merry than usual. The internet is my one salvation, as broadband is the one thing that works well in this place. Please leave me merry messages of seasons greetings, to brighten up my days.

p.s. we just found the christmas decorations, so I shall spend the next few hours before work putting them up, still no tree though.

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