Monday, 16 July 2007

Facebook Archive - Ks Stupidly Long Myspace Quiz Because I Can't Sleep


(001) Your gender: female

(002) Straight/gay/bi?: Straight

(003) Single?: No

(004) Want to be?: No I'm very happy at the moment, except for the fact that the person inquestion isn't here right now, if they were i would pribably be asleep given it is 4:52am rather than doing this quiz

(005) Age?: 20

(006) Age you wish you were: I'm happy being 20 but I'd like to stop at 21, definately before 30

(007) Race?: British

(008) Race you wanna be: I'm quite happy with the one I am

(009) The color of your eyes: Blue (but K says they are more grey!)

(010) Piercings: ears, navel and nose

(011) Scars: One on my nose from landing on a plastic flower pot when I was four years old and quite a few others

(012) Tattoos: nope, thought about it untill I realised I didn't like them on other people and would therefore probably not like one on myself

(013) Smoke?: have done

(014) Drink?: Yes, i believe people in the medical profesion would refer to me as a 'binge drinker', I shall use the excuse that I am a student.. for now

(015) Read the newspaper?: Not often, very bad for a politics student

(016) Tie and untie your shoes?: Not if I can help it

(017) Talk to strangers who IM you?: no I don't add them

(018) Take walks in the rain?: Quite enjoy them if I am properly prepared

(019) Drive?: Yes, nearly 3 years now, as I've explained to people, living where I do you have to drive, no buses and the nearest station is 20 mins away (by car)

(020) Like to drive fast?: yes but only when i'm alone,i don't like to scare my passengers!

(021) Hurt yourself? Everyone does in one way or another

(022) Been out of the country: Yes, even the continent!

(023) Been in love: Perhaps, I don't really know, it is so difficult to pin down what love is, it could be different for everyone. Most of my ideas about love have been informed by Disney.

(024) Had Sex: How dare you question my purity? he he ;)

(025) Gone skinny dipping: Only in the bath, don't think that counts

(026) Had a surgery: I had to be put to sleep to stitch up the afore mentioned cut on my nose

(027) Ran away from home: I tired but I didn't get far without a car, think I just hid down a bank for a while. Oh there was the time that i ran away on Brighton pier after an arguement with my cusion because I wanted to be the queen in one of those boards you put your head through for picture. I ran right off the pier and hid behind the ice cream truck then decided I'd better go back to find my mother tearfully talking to a policeman! :(

(028) Played strip poker: No I can' t really play poker

(029) Been beat up: No

(031) Been on stage: Yes many times, I like standing on the stages. I rarely performed though. Had to practice a speech for young enterprise a million times standing on a stage in sixth form oh and there was the fashion show before that it was probably my primary school apperances as the narrator, a butterfly and Andromeda

(032) Slept outdoors: in a tent in my dads back garden, oh and on some garden chairs after the year 11 prom

(034) Pulled an all-nighter: ha ha yer 2 essays in one night!

(036) Talked on the phone all night: No thats is a little excessive surely one of you would get tired

(038) Slept all day: Yes

(039) Killed someone: If I had would I admit it on facebook?

(040) Ever said nigroll: no WTF?

(042) Kissed the same sex: yes, spin the bottle 5 girls 2 men, why?

(043) Done anything sexual with the same sex: No

(044) Been betrayed: yes

(045) Broken the law: Yes

(047) Been on radio/tv: Top of the tops! woo! K and I are smiling stupidly in the back of a link then we look at each other and start laughing, wish i could watch that again but we don't have a video player anymore :(

(048) Been in a mosh-pitt: kind of I stick to the edges

(049) Had a nervous breakdown: No

(050) Been criticized about your sexual performance: haha - no - not yet - but constructive criticisms could turn out to be good... (i'm sticking with k's answer)

(051) Had a dream that kept coming back: Yes always scary ones, but not in a long while

(052) Favorite shoe brand?: does New Look count? cheap and cheerful

(053) Favorite music: depends on my mood currently trying to listen to all the songs on media player that have never been played as a result of Ks note

(054) Wear hats: not often, last time I wore one M said I looked like some woman from James Bond you killed people with her thighs, don't know if that was a good thing

(055) Judged other people by their clothing: Yes, no point trying to make myself sound better than I am, i think apperance is important, shallow I know.

(057) Are you trendy: Kind of I try and have my 'own style' but didn't really succeed so yes I suppose I wear fasionable clothes


(058) Life on other planets: yes and I don't think they need an atmosphere similar to ours etc. who knows what alien life forms will be like

(059) Miracles: Some

(060) Astrology: like horoscopes? No

(061) Magic: Not the Harry Potter kind of stuff, but I do think some of the forces of nature can be manipulated, unfortunately most magic nowdays is just elaborate tricks

(062) God: I say Agnostic, woo sit on the fence, well its got to be better than hell and at least if there isn't a god I won't be too disappointed, or feel I'd wasted sinful opportunities. I suppose I do believe in some kind of 'god' but not necessarily a conscious being, a mother nature kind of force.

(063) Love: Wow k wrote an essay for this question! I kind of discussed this above. I agree with K you love different people in different ways, you can't define love.

(064) Ghosts: I'm sceptical, though it is true that there is alot of evidence of strange goings on, I don't think ghosts are conscious souls, just trapped energy perhaps

(065) Rebirth: as in reincarnation? this kind of makes the most logic sense, you can't destory or create energy in the universe, so perhaps the same is true of the soul.

(066) Love at first sight: No, physical attraction but not love, no doubting that attraction can turn into love so perhaps that is where people get confused

(067) Yin and Yang: Not entirely sure what this is

(068) Witches: Not the classical ones, but there are alot of real people who call themselves witches

(069) Easter bunny: no

(070) First love? Even with my confused I suppose my first boyfriend at 17

(071) Do you consider love a mistake?: No as they say it is better to loved and lost, its a life experience everyone should have, even if it can make us do stupid things

(072) What do you find romantic: small thoughtful things, like being surprised with a pretty notebook I'd mentioned I really liked :) when a huge effort is made both people feel under pressure to be romantic and have a great night and therefore the opposite often happens

(074) Turn-offs: not washing! ewww! - agreeing with k again, includes body and bedsheets

(075) Do you base your judgment on looks alone: No I admitted to be shallow as I think apperance counts but it is certainly not everything and by apperance I really mean that way people present themselves rather than their physical characteristics

(076) Have you ever been romantically attracted to someone and physically unattracted? No

(077) What is best about the opposite sex?: Cuddling up in bed

(078) Whats the last present someone got you?: the afore mentioned notebook

(079) Do you like someone?: like as in like like? Yes A :)

(080) That you laughed at: A, not full on pointing and laughing, just a little giggle after he injured me, its not a serious injury by the way just a little knock on the elbow

(081) That laughed at you: A probably

(082) That turned you on: Something i just thought of...

(083) You went shopping with: Myself

(084) To disappoint you: My dad, because I still don't know if i have a job or not?!

(085) To make you cry: I don't remember, my ex probably

(086) To brighten up your day: A, this must be getting very boring for everyine except A, perhaps even he is bored.

(087) You saw a movie with: Shrek the third (not as good as the first two)

(088) You talked to on the phone: my step dad, saying I would be home by half 7 and I wanted any pizza with mushrooms on it

(090) You talked to on text message: A, saying I got hime safely

(091) Your best friends: K, S, A3


(092) Smiled: today

(094) Cried: A long time ago

(095) Bought something: I bought petrol, a lion bar and a bounty today

(096) Danced: dunno - in my living room/bedroom at the house in Downham a few days ago

(098) Listened to music: about 5 minutes ago, going to out it back go actually

(099) Who is your crush: Can't you guess by now?

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