Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Facebook Archive - Had a Rummage in the Fourth Drawer and Found These Gems

Things We Learnt in the Second Year!

  • K and I are the 'cutest heterosexual couple ever'

  • You will always fall for innappropraite men/women

  • Tea and toast from Nightline rules

  • The underpass will always flood

  • Living on campus was so much more convenient

  • One must always go for lunch on a Thursday afternoon to Mondos

  • Living off campus leads to arguements about bins, bills, baths, base...

  • Duck feeding is an offical past time

  • Only 5% of students vote in SU elections (and not for me)

  • A bag of peanuts is only 95% nuts

  • Vodka may be good for getting drunk but it is not good for your stomach, cheap wine is much better

  • 'Spin the Bottle' is another drinking game to be avoided

  • Vaginias are great (Vaginia Monologues)

  • You will still not do all the reading for your course even though this year counts

  • 'I've seen him naked' doesn't automatically mean you win the arguement

  • Don't go to an 18 movie on a first date

Things We Learnt in the Third Year

Thanks to K, S2 and S who helped with these during one of the LSC days

  • Living in separate towers won't keep K and C apart

  • The Summer Ball is better without a date (for me anyway)

  • Archers + Cherryade = Summer in a Glass (add Malibu if desired)

  • Food colouring makes drinks more interesting

  • The End shouldn't be the day before the Summer Ball

  • The drinks in the SU bar become so boring you invent new ones

  • R-Bombs

  • By the third year it is next to impossible to have avoided the Uni incestiousness

  • Sitting in the bar all day never gets old

  • If you have a tendancy to go cross-eyed when drunk don't walk past the bouncer

  • The SU are shit (by S2)

  • Relentless gets you through those tough third year exams, the ones that really matter

  • I can't write that one

  • Walking from North to South campus is always too far

  • The chances of being hit on the head by you graduation hat are higher than you think

  • Walking across a stage and shaking an old mans hand becomes a major challenge

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