Thursday, 20 November 2008

Brand New Old Coat

Hit the local charity shops again yesterday and treated myself to a fake fur coat I've been coveting for a while. I probably won't ever wear it out, as I think I'd worry people would think I was wearing real fur or endorsing it somehow, but I decided that at £10 it was a bargain even if I only ever prance around the house in it feeling like a glamourous old movie star. Pictures, um, when I get round to it.
In other news it's coming to that time again when a wardrobe reshuffle is called for. I simply can't squeeze another hanger on the rail. I think I might have to move some of my shoes from the top of the wardrobe into a drawer and the clothes from the drawer to the top self of the wardrobe, which doesn't make much sense, but is necessary in order to maximise the use of the wardrobes full height.

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