Sunday, 9 November 2008

I Wish...

...that I was in charge of the company. I'd sort it out.

Okay maybe that's going a little far but since I last worked for CP a couple of things have gone which I consider to be a major loss. One is the bright ideas forms for staff. Like the majority of companies communication downwards in clear but there is very little communication upwards. Bright Ideas was a forum for staff to share their ideas as to where improvements could be made and who is better placed to see where improvements could be made than the staff? While the big picture may elude us small changes to make our jobs easier and ultimately improve guest service and/or save money can be obvious to those working 'on the front line'. Like for example a search function on the wesite. Cheap to implement and would save on the hours of phone calls I get which start 'I tried to book this on the website but...'

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