Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Soo Much Sewing So Little Time

Another day off. Wasted most of it by hanging around in my hometown while my car was in the garage. Did give me a chance to have a good rummage through my local charity shops though, where I got a brown leather bag, a bargain at £4 and a pair of braces which I think I might wear to make some kind of kooky fashion statement but probably never will. I’m thinking about posting a catalogue of my charity shop finds sometime soon. Anyway point is I didn’t get any time to do any sewing. The 1950s dress is still hanging on my wardrobe door filled with pins and I have a pile of fabric and items of clothing that need altering building up on the floor. Current sewing to do list looks something like this –

• Make old jeans into a skirt. Spray with bleach for an interesting effect as seen on femme rationale’s blog.
• Hem elasticated skirt
• Make another elasticated skirt with a circus/carnival theme. I already have the fabric for this. A black cotton lining and a shiny multi coloured harlequin slightly see through material.
• Reduce the length of a patterned button up dress I found in a charity shop.
• See if there is anything I can do with the fabric from a jersey dress that is too small, if not donate to charity shop.
• Reduce the length of a jumper dress to make it a long jumper and eliminate the unflattering clinging around my thighs.
• Fix a couple of holes in the sleeve of a black cardigan.
• Make a black and green party dress from this pattern
• Do something interesting with a large grey mans t-shirt I’ve been using to sleep in. I might shred it or cut it up as seen on childhood flames.
• Make something out of our old flowery curtains. I was thinking of making the 1950’s dress again but there is not enough fabric.
• Make a short skirt from the fabric left over from the current 1950s dress.

And that is ignoring my ever growing list of ideas, which includes two simple black dresses, one for going out, one for everyday to wear with my large collection of coloured and patterned tights; a skirt with lace, a plain black puffy skirt, attempts to copy several Topshop and Karen Millen designs; a dress with pleats around the neck and hem; a dress with several fabric flowers at the shoulder; a garment with my little pony motifs around the hem; a garment with my school name tags sewn all over it; a dress with flowing see through sleeves; Garments made from fabric decorated with apple prints using fabric paint, the images of flowers using spray fabric paint and doodles with fabric pens; a skirt with little chain people around the bottom; a dress with a big silk bow at the neck; a dress with a pocket shaped like a cup cake; a dress with a bleeding heart drawn on; a tunic; a dress with ribbons of different colours sewn from the shoulder….

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