Thursday, 15 January 2009

Stressful Day

What I wanted and had planned to do today- Lie in, burn some CD’s, start sewing a silky green dress the fabric for which has been sitting around in my room for several months now, maybe watch some TV… Have a generally relaxing day.

What I actually did today- Lay in, received an e-mail from Global Xchange in response to my query about the location of the training telling me I should have received the information weeks ago and an attached list of tasks that needed to be completed before training, e-mailed back three times with various queries and suggesting that perhaps I have been missed off a mailing list as this isn’t the first time I failed to receive information from them, ended up in tears at least twice, completed and posted a medical questionnaire, completed and e-mailed two further forms and a personal profile, spoke to a receptionist at my doctors who gave me the blankest look when I told her I was volunteering abroad and explained that they have their ‘own way of doing things’ when I explained that the charity’s medical team had already supplied me with a list of the required vaccinations, spoke to a member of VSO’s medical team to enquire what the longest course of vaccinations was so I would know when I would have to start hassling the useless surgery, shouted at my mum who was trying to help and printed the 34 page volunteer handbook, to be read by next week. I did, however manage to burn my CD’s. All in all it was not the relaxing day I had planned.

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