Friday, 13 March 2009

Skins - Effy's Eye Makeup

I have mixed feelings about Skins. I find the program entertaining but I don't think that the kids who probably end up watching it should be watching it. You'd think that it's completely normal for British teenagers to engage in frequent casual sex and A Class drug use. Well I've been a British teenager and my life was NOTHING like this. I would guess the same goes for the majority of young people. Anyway I loved Effy's eyemakeup from this episode, with the dark green liner under the eyes, so I thought I'd have a go at it on myself. I do have a clearer closeup of her eyes that I took as a screen shot during the episode but I can't work out how to up load it. See my attempt at a toned down day time look below.

Image is a screen shot from Skins, not captured by me, don't know who by, sorry!


argentinito said...

muy bueno!

Estrella said...

i think it should be thicker, but looks cool as it is

Rachel said...

Isn't like that for alot of British kids, I don't do such things really BUT I've been in that kind of environment alot, it can easily happen.

also. loveee the look. =]

Phoebe said...

nice attempt, but you really dont have eyes like Kaya. This look does nothing for you, I'd stick to something more natural for you.