Friday, 27 March 2009

Under Pressure

Ah! Writing under pressure! Only 18 mins of library internet use left! Essex has this strange system unbeknown to a Norfolker like me where you have to book a computer and then you can only use it for an hour and it takes up like 10 mins of that time just booting up! Anyway I have the computer booked for another hour tomorrow so I will hopefully be able to do a proper update then. All I've been doing GX wise is loads of training and trying to work out bus timetables. My volunteer placement starts on Monday with an organisation called Catch 22. Other than that just have realised how hard it can be to organise 18 young people, but one of my aims for the project is to gain more organisation skills so I'm going to have a crack at organising a social or a community action day at some point. Thats all for now. I will bring my diary along tomorrow as a memory jog so hopefully you will get a more detailled update. Unfortunately there will be more pictures for 6 months until I get back as I didn't bring the lead to connect the camera to the computer. I forgot that I might want it for updating my blog. Missing all my friends!
11 minutes!

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