Monday, 28 December 2009

I Can't Decide

Do I go for something beautiful?

Or something practical?

Images from Sewing Macine Discount
With my Christmas money I've decided to buy myself a present. Yes, I know I could make one out of duct tape that would probably be a better fit but I doubt that either myself or my mother (who would be doing the taping) have the necessary patience to do it correctly. Currently my head says practical. Given the £10o plus investment it would be great to have a form that I could use to fit trousers which I hope to move onto eventually. But my heart says beauty. Most of the time she will be out of use and wouldn't she just look fantastic in the corner of the room with that neutral fabric and wooden stand, adorned with my numerous necklaces that currently rattle around on the end of my bed.

Help needed!

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