Thursday, 28 January 2010

Dye, Dye, Die.

So right now what I really should be doing is another application form but writing my blog just feels that little bit more appealing.

I've had this dress for ages. I loved it when I got it on sale from Oasis but as soon as I got it home my friend told me that I looked like a nun in it and then made me put on her fancy dress nun's habit and took pictures of me... Anyway I wore it a few times after that but could ever entirely shake that image plus I was always worried about getting the white silk, hand wash only cuffs dirty.

I loved the shape though so a while ago I resolved to dye it. After a time spent browsing the selection of dyes I decided on dylon antique grey as I am never too keen on the combination of black with bright colours, all black would have been too boring, and I reckoned that the grey wouldn't affect the black fabric too much.

Dress Oasis, Dyed my Me
Tights New Look
Shoes Next

This is what I ended up with. I feel that I may have gone from a nun's dress to a dress I could wear at a funeral. Oh well at least I won't have to worry about getting my cuffs dirty at the wake. Also kind of dissapointed that antique grey doesn't match the grey of these tights. I think they look a bit off together. Really not sure if I'm going to be wearing this dress anymore post dyeing. Maybe work? Maybe only funerals. I mean who doesn't need a funeral outfit?

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