Monday, 11 January 2010

Meet the Newest Member of the Family

I have named her Huberta. I have this odd thing about giving inanimate objects names beginning with ‘H’. I also have Humphrey the stuffed toy dog. A feminine form of Hubert, Huberta surprisingly is an uncommon name for girls. It is of old German origin and means ‘brilliant mind’ which I think is pretty good. Anyway here she is. I think I must be one of very few people to look at a dress form set to their measurements and think ‘I thought I was thinner than that.’ Oh well I will keep my positively distorted body image thank you. She is not a perfect copy of me as I knew she wouldn’t be but it’s pretty good. I am slightly longer from shoulder to bust and she has a much shorter waist to crotch measurement so if I ever get round to making trousers not exactly sure how that is going to work. Haven’t made anything with her yet but I have some plans in the pipeline. So far have just been dressing her up in various articles of my clothing.

1 comment:

Callipygian said...

This is one reason I haven't made a duct tape dress form yet. I'll probably think "Huh, I thought I was thinner and at the same time curvier than that."