Monday, 15 February 2010

Second T-Shirt Refashion

This creation started life as an awkward length topshop t-shirt/dress. I kept trying to wear it but it just wasn't working out for us.

Sorry for the rubbish 'before' photo. I had already started hacking away it before I even thought to take one so it was kinda hurried.

T-Shirt Originally Topshop, Refashioned by Me
Shorts Next
Shoes Dorothy Perkins

I cut off the bottom and attempted to make just a short loose fitting t-shirt. That didn't work out so I resorted to shredding, again. I decided to only shred one side so that it could be worn with the shredded part to the back or the front. I don't usually photoshop (or in my case microsoft paint/microsoft picture manager my pictures) but I got fed up with always having towel rails, radiators and plastic bags in the edges of my photos.

T-Shirt (just seen) New Look
T-Shirt Originally Topshop, Refashioned by Me
Shorts Next
Tights M&S
Boots My Old Riding Boots

Here it is worn to the front. This picture was taken before I decided to widen the shreds on that panel at the front.

This is just me pratting about, complete with towel rail and plastic bag, but you can see the finished shreds more clearly. I've tried to style this top in a casual/festival type way as I think it will make a great festival top, if I get to any festivals this year. Hoping to steward at Reading again this year but depends on the job situation. Hope the styling worked out. It is not my forte. This explains why I don't do outfit posts anymore. My outfits are probably 50% hit and 50% miss which is just too much internet/photo shame for me.

I promise this is the last shredded tee I'm going to do for some time.

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April said...

nice tee :) i keep meaning to make one myself but i never get around to it/i wouldn't know how to wear it!