Thursday, 1 April 2010

Today I took out my nose stud. It is time to grow up; in apperances at least. Sadly the respectable job I wanted requires in my opinion a more 'respectable' apperance. Sure, the job doesn't start until September but my mother made the valid point that if I take it out now it may even be healed by the time I take up the post. It had a good run. Done around my nineteenth birthday, a last ditch attempt at teenage rebellion (which my parents hardly gave a second glance) I always said I would take it out after graduation. Yet it stayed. Through my summer job, through Reading festival, through slaving away in the Center Parcs call centre and through Global Xchange. I wear it at my current job too but it had to go eventually. I didn't want to still be wearing it at 50. I look strange to myself without it. My nose actually feels strange.

I took this picture a few days after I had it done to demonstrate and it used to be one of my favourite pictures of myself.

Good Bye!

*Sobs quitely into pillow at the passing of youth*

**Okay, I may be exaggerating now**

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