Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Work Wardrobe

With the new job and all I am going to be requiring a whole load more work clothes *secretly delights in the excuse to go shopping*. The question is whether I am brave/capable enough to make any of these clothes myself? It's all well and good wearing the dress you made with the wonky hem where the interfacing shows at the arm holes down the pub or at family gatherings. It's not perfect but it's wearable. The professional workplace however requires an all together more finished garment. I reckon that I can create a shift dress or two if I lengthen the hem of my current pattern a little and make sure to do everything properly. I'll probably need to line them too as I'm always having issues with my home made clothes catching on my tights and riding up. Need to stock up on 'work coloured' fabrics; navys, blacks and greys. *secretly delights in the excuse to go fabric shopping*

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