Wednesday, 16 June 2010


All my pajamas are falling apart and I haven't had a matching pair for several years. So I decided to kill two or rather three birds with one stone; Make myself a matching pair of pajamas, make my first pair of trousers and make my first item with sleeves.

For the top I used burdastyle's free Pete t-shirt pattern. I cut the smallest size which turned out a bit too tight for nightware but I have hopefully got enough fabric left to make it in a larger size. The sleeves were easier than expected although something went a bit wrong under the arms. My side seams and sleeve seams do not agree. I wonder if this has something to do with the fact that my printer always prints burdastyle patterns half a cm out. The test box is 9.5cm rather than 10cm. I also had to widen the neckline so that I could fold the edge over rather than apply a ribbed fabric as the pattern suggests. The fabric is a printed cotton jersey. The print is a repeat of two sheep with some lambs. Very appropriate for nightwear. I made a mistake on the sleeves though. My sheep are upside down! They were the last pattern piece I cut and I had stopped thinking.

I'm really happy with the trousers. For a pattern I used an old pair of pajama bottoms which had gone into holes all around the waistband. The waistband of the pair I made is elasticated with a small blue bow sewn to the front to look pretty and remind me which is the front.

I couldn't resist taking some really cheesy themed photos of these creations with the help of Humphrey.

n.b. This is not what I actually look like when I go to bed. I do not live in a movie world where my hair and makeup is always magically done when I go to bed and get up in the morning.

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