Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Hi Guys
I just want to say hi to my new followers, hi! I have 50 now, unbelievable! I'm so glad that you guys like my writing, style, jewellery, sewing, whatever it was that brought you here. I also want to apologise for going AWOL for the last week. I've been on holiday in Ibiza, no, not hard core clubbing, my friends and I visited churches and enjoyed family entertainment shows in a nearby hotel instead. We are just beyond cool! I'm also off to work for Oxfam at Reading festival tomorrow and I'm not organised enough to schedule posts so there will be nothing from me for a while longer. I also have bad news. That job I was so excited to be starting, the new area I was moving to. It's not happening. Just a month before I was due to start my graduate job the government announced it was abolishing the body I was going to be working for. My first class degree is starting to feel a lot less valuable than it used to. On the plus side I will now have a load of free time to work through my sewing stash in between job applications. Right now, got to go I have to unpack, pack again and write a sarcastic letter to a government minister.

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