Sunday, 27 February 2011

A Work in Progress

Do you remember this coat? Probably not. The above is one of the very few times I wore it. It's one of those things that I loved when I bought then realised that it didn't go with very much in my wardrobe. While having a clear out the other day I decided that rather than donate it to a charity shop I would try to refashion it as it is a lovely fit and makes a good light weight coat for spring. All that was wrong was the colour. I thought long and hard about what colour to dye it to, what I would get the most wear out of and what colour was missing from my wardrobe. In the end I settled for a navy blue, Dylon Navy Blue, to be specific.

I forgot about the polyester stitching of course. My mother loves the contrast stitching and buttons, I hate it. Now I am faced with the task of unpicking all that top stitching, crossing my fingers that it is just top stitching and the whole thing won't fall apart if I undo it. I'm also wondering about buttons. Navy blue or gold?

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