Saturday, 29 October 2011

Halloween Nails

I'm feeling very sorry for myself as I'm missing out on a halloween party tonight due to an overwhelming amount of accountancy revision. To cheer myself up a bit I gave myself halloween nails using a couple of coats of nails inc. varnish in 'Victoria' and a cocktail stick.


The Queen of Hearts said...

I absolutely love your manicure. I might have to show your image to a beautician and have it replicated (if you don't mind).

I'm adding you to my favorite international blogs. I can't wait to check back and see what else you post!

The Queen of Hearts

Catherine said...

Thanks. I'm glad you like it. Of course you are welcome to replicate it. i did it myself so not sure if it requires a beautician.

I'm afraid my posts have been rather on the sparse side for the last year or so but hoping to get a few more things up over the next few weeks. Maybe 'blog more' should be a new years resolution?