Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Facebook Archive - Memorable Quotes from the land of Dublin

'Isn't it a bit worrying that the walls are wet'
'No S they're just shiny'
S on the ferry

'K don't blow that, it's been on the floor'

'Wow, my legs look really good. Oh no they're Cs'

'Just buy me a drink, tell me I'm beautiful, then go away'
My ideal date!

'I'm hungry for a bit hungarian'
wishes to remain anonymous

'Sexy time'
random men trying to chat up K2 and A2

'Of course it smells of shit, it's a fuckin' toilet'
random man K2 and A2 met on their travels

'Push it hard, no not really hard'
Telling an Irish man how to work my camera

'Are you under the impression I'd cheat on my boyfriend?'
wishes to remain anonymous

'They're are too drunk, too young and too shy'
Random man trying to sell us tickets to a gig, explaining why his friends couldn't go.

'K has the smallest bladder ever'
This is what we learnt

'I don't recognise that bridge'
'I don't recognise your FACE'
Random girls walking around the street good to see your face jokes are universal

'This body isn't suitable for under 18s'
wishes to remain anonymous

making us sound bad, or perhaps hostel pronounced in a posh accent

'It's not my body, it's me head'
the answer to all my problems

'S is posh because her family are memebers of a country club'
N.B. S denies that she is posh, don't say she is or else.

'Never play leap frog with a unicorn'
from a Murphy's law tea towel

'I've never seen a horney bird before'
K - referring to courting Irish pigeons

'Anything is possible in Ireland'
Reply from a random man in the street after K tells me that no one will ever buy me a wedding ring and then calls me a lesbian

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