Tuesday, 28 August 2007

Myspace Archive - Bright Shiny Future

Its been a long time since I've written in my 'blog' not that it was ever really a blog to start with, but for some odd reason I feel inspired to write. It's official facebook has taken over my online life (which would explain my lack of activity) I even met my new boyfriend though faceboook though we realise that sounds sad, so say that we met at uni or through friends, which is also kinda true. If it weren't for K we probably wouldn't be together, thanks K, I owe you! Next time you like a guy I think I'll publically nominate you to be his girlfriend! Right so since the last and only time I wrote on here, I've moved out of my rented accomodation and I'm heading back on to campus for my last year which is a huge weight off my shoulders. At least I've had practice dealing with bills and the like now which I'm sure will be very useful once I have a house of my own but coordinating bill paying with 3 other people was not always easy. In fact I'm still trying to sort out house stuff even now, we moved out months ago! The companies are to blame, all powergen have to do is post a bill to the address, but that seems to be beyond them. Sometimes being the organised one has disadvantages! I love uni soooo much I really don't want to leave, but I've got to accept I'll have to enter 'the real world' one day. Still don't have many ideas about what to do once I leave, police officer is still the only thing I'm serious about, I've been thinking I might like to join the mounted police, then I can combine work and hobby. But competition is firce, not many forces have a mounted section and the ones that do are small, the met has the biggest, 140 officers, thames valley police has 9! Perhaps I'll do something completely different! Top of the list is still to be a housewive of a rich man, but that is looking less likely as the years pass. I've had my heart broken and battled with an old habit for months as a result. But I survived (there are a few close friends I'd like to thanks for that, for helping me talk about things I never had before). I've matured, old friends have been given special places in my heart, and I'm open to new ones. I'm working on forgiving those that have hurt me, but its not going to be easy, and I value all the friendships I have now. I'm looking forward to a bright and shiny future, though I know there will always be dark times, I know I can survive them.

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