Thursday, 30 August 2007

Myspace Archive - Dilemma

You know I quite enjoyed that blogging the other day, I would like to carry on, I think. But now I'm left with a dilemma, well several actually. Where do I write this blog? I don't fancy facebook as there is only the notes application which isn't really suited to blogging and it advertises the fact you've written one to just about everyone. Bebo used to be my space of choice there are loads of old blog type entries on there, I read through them yesterday very amusing! Then theres myspace problem is anyone can read what you write, okay it can be set to just friends, but there are people I know that don't have myspace accounts who can currently read my blogs, if I set them to friends only they might get suspicious, lol! A little box to the side tells me that my blog has had 12 views in the last week. 12! I don't know 12 people that would be interested, though clearly there are, unless it was just the same person, who was sooo interested they just kept coming back. All these little profiles of mine will probably get the chop once I start applying for jobs, or at least get a privacy setting overhaul, too many horror stories of employers looking up people! Then there is the dilemma of my diary, if I blogged what it become defunct? I don't want a blog to turn into a diary, theres an emotional and privacy barrier both of yourself and other people that I don't think should be overstepped, friends of mine have learnt this the hard way, and I'm no stranger to reading things about myself on the internet I would rather not have. Perhaps I should only write about happy things? Or not bother at all?

I think I have too much time on my hands! Actually looking forward to getting some uni work started (sure I'll regret saying that once I get my first essay!)

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