Friday, 21 September 2007

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This obsession with size completely confounds me. I've not met many if any people that aspire to be a size 0. But I simply typed size 2 into goggle and came across a website where hundreds of girls had added being a size 2, or zero to a list of goals, which also in some cases included 'become anorexic' and 'be skin and bones'. I looked at pictures of girls that were size 5s and upwards that wanted to be size 0's, these girls are NOT fat. When did fat change from being unhealthily overweight, to being anything more than unhealthily underweight? You may think I have developed this very obsession, I have not. This begun because of sewing patterns, obviously I needed to know my size. Also having heard about the infamous size I was curious to know what my American size was. I still don't know. SIZE DOES NOT EXIST!

Every pattern lists different measurements, you need different sizes in every different clothes shop and all the different clothing size conversion internet sites, for working out what your clothes size would be abroad, list different conversions. The closest I can come to working out my size are from this Guardian article.

My measurements are that of a UK size 12, US size 10. A very long way off a size 0 then! But I'm not fat, look at my pictures if you don't believe me and I won't believe anyone who says I am. I can also tell you that those same measurements on my sewing pattern put me at a size 14 (I don't even know if these are US or UK sizes). In shops I generally buy size 10 trousers, size 14 skirts and size 12 tops and dresses, yet I have a size 8 suit jacket from next (UK sizes). Again SIZE DOES NOT EXIST. The article given above makes a good point which I shall give here:

'Are women who are a so-called size 0 really 12 sizes smaller than a size 12? Size 12 (or American size 10) is roughly designed around three measurements: bust 35in, waist 28in, hips 38in. And then, for every one that you remove from the size, you should remove one inch from each of the measurements. Therefore an American size 0 would have a 25in bust, an 18in waist and 28in hips. A five foot tall, corseted Victorian might just about have a waist that size. But for most women nowadays, it would be tantamount to death.

Size 0 is a misuse of numbers. It does not exist, nor should it. The British representative of size 0 is Posh Beckham, and there have been recent reports about her 23in waist. This would make her an American size 5, British size 7; not a size 0. Misnumbering her size sets a new unattainable standard.'

My point exactly size has become so distorted, it simply DOES NOT EXIST!

I don't suppose many people will see this blog and take my advice (admittedly it is formed only from my own opinions and a few internet articles, but I believe it is worth something). But if they do I beg you don't believe in size. Pick what fits! I have a size 16 t-shirt in my wardrobe I have it because it fits (and I liked the my little pony design). I do understand that it can be difficult to find some sizes, but in the UK at least shops are cottoning on to this, and provide ranges for plus sizes and smaller sizes for those of us who are naturally slim. Of course it would be better if these sizes were included in the main collection, there is still a way to go, but if everyone starves themselves down the shops won't need to bother. That is not the way capitalism is meant to work, shops are meant to react to the consumers needs! I don't believe that being fat or thin has anything to do with what size you are, as we have already seen 'size' means nothing. It's about being healthy and being comfortable in your own skin. If you're not happy, okay exercise and diet, but do it healthily. If you take anything from this, make it this – DON'T BELIEVE IN SIZE

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