Friday, 7 September 2007

MySpace Archive - Thinking About Jobs

It has become increasingly clear to me that I won't be able to walk out of uni and straight into a good job as I had believed. I think sixth forms must get paid or something for sending a large number of students to uni, because they certainly didn't show us the worrying statistics that students studying some subjects would earn more across their life times on average if they had left school at 16. Of course none of this takes into account the amazing life experience that university is, one I put much personal value upon. It's not for everyone but I feel very at home at university, saying I've 'found myself' is the only way I can describe it. Not saying that some times at uni haven't been tough, frantically doing two essays in one night is a time that comes to mind. But I really do with feel more comfortable and confident in myself.

Anyway back to the original point... getting a job. It's not going to be easy. I've been perhaps naively assuming that I'll be able to walk straight out of uni and into a career with the police if I run out of other options, but they might not want me, I might not pass the fitness or more importantly eyesight tests. A first class degree would certainly set me apart, and getting one is not impossible. However for the first time in my life I would have to work very hard to get a top grade (sorry if that sounds big headed). As silly as it might sound I don't want to do my best sacfricing other things I'd rather be doing, only to miss that top grade. On the other hand if I don't do my best, I will always wonder what might have been if Id only tried a little harder. I foresee that next year is going to be one big long compromise. A very good timetable is in order I think, I need to stick to it too, something I've never managed before!

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