Wednesday, 23 January 2008

MySpace Archive - Buses

I love buses. Not the mainstream virtual monopoly 'First' bus service, but the less well know 'Cedric's' buses. Their buses are old and battered, with peeling paint work, and on one or two a strong smell of fuel makes you feel slightly light headed if you sit at the back. They really are a joy. I should like to invent the term 'community buses' to describe them (this term has probably already been invented by someone else, and I claim no rights to it). These are buses where the drivers are friendly and make jokes; that acknowledge you when you say thank you as you get off. These are the buses that will stop at the unofficial bus stop outside the riding sables, they will even stop for random people that stick their hand out at the side of the road, perhaps having not quite made it to the stop in time (unlike first buses who will simply drive pass, sometimes even at official bus stops). Despite having time tables that are impossible to decipher, once you work out when they come they are surprisingly reliable (you can always rely on first buses to be late, sometimes not to turn up at all, and not to reply to angry e-mails relating to the above criticisms). Most importantly of all, they are cheap. £2.50 for a return from my campus to the riding stables (£1.50 if you get the driver who doesn't know the prices) compared to £3.70, I believe, for a single on a first bus.

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