Thursday, 24 January 2008

MySpace Archive - Class on the Break Up of Czechoslovakia

'It was as if Meciar pounded at Klaus's door without really wanting to break it down; to Meciar's surprise, Klaus opened the door, and Meciar fell in'.
Given the naming of the break up Czechoslovakia (or the Czech and Slovak Federal Republic as it was officially known after 1989) as 'the velvet divorce' I found it amusing to view the whole thing in terms of a marriage. Meciar is like the depressed wife who gets upset during an argument and threatens divorce, after short consideration Klaus (the husband) decides this is a good idea, she is only taking his hard earned money and once free of her he will be able to pursue his policy of economic reform as fast as he likes without the wife constantly nagging about the effect it has on her. The wife calms down, realises her mistake and does her best to make him reconsider, but his mind is made up. She is then left alone in the world without his financial aid. A poll of their large number of children shows they see the divorce as inevitable, but their parents staying together would be their first preference.
Yep, I'm a geek!

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