Monday, 7 January 2008

MySpace Archive - A Day of No Achievement

I've had one of those days when it feels like you've done alot but achieved nothing.

I got up late. This cold is one of the worst I've ever had. I woke at 4 in the morning unable to breath and it was at least an hour before I was able to get back to sleep. I'll blame the late morning on that. It was the post man that eventually woke me at 11:30, so off I went running to the door and had to shout at him to wait while I found my keys. I always feel quite embarrassed talking to postmen and the like in the late hours of the morning without being dressed, I suppose they think I'm terribly lazy. I still wasn't dressed when the door bell rang again. This time it was the delivery of a late Christmas present, riding boots. But I was to be disappointed. They didn't fit. Too tight at the top, despite us ordering the wide fit. I don't have exceptionally wide calfs!

I then made my way into town, rather enjoying the opportunity to drive my car which I haven't done much this holiday. In town I got some sewing supplies so I can finish the dress and skirt I'm working on. I also bought a nice scarf with horses on it from a charity shop for 75p. I then shunned healthy eating in favour of a sugar covered ring doughnut and iced bun, jolly nice they were too.

Once back at home I figured out how to connect my video camera to our dvd recorder. The picture wan't too good, that might be either because the video camera is 4 years old and the tv is very big or because it's only being connected by the red ,white and yellow cable thingy without an s-video cable. I used to have one of these but I think I threw it away ages ago as I didn't need it with our old video player, ah well. I couldn't work out how to record the picture to dvd at the time.

I then got on with some sewing, which was a complete waste of time! Apart from one seam I had to unpick everything!

So I suppose I have achieved a few things today, just not nearly as much as I had expected to, which has left me feeling rather down and irritated.

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