Sunday, 20 January 2008

MySpace Archive - Time for a Little More Procrastination

I have now written 417 words of notes for the essay from my reading and the lecture. Thus I am most probably finished for the day. In the course of doing this I realised I have lost my USB stick. I then engaged myself in a long search for it, in which I discovered a lighter I didn't know I'd lost and is of very little use to me, given I have 3 others, I guess you can't really have to many. I may have left the stick at home so I won't run off to buy a new one yet, but it's going to be mighty annoying having to keep e-mailing my work to myself to back it up or keep saving it on the online submission site. I could use my MP3 player to back up my work to if I hadn't also left the cable that connects it to the computer at home.

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