Sunday, 20 January 2008

MySpace Archive - Essaying

It is quarter to 4 and as yet I have still not started my essay. Actually I have written the title and opened my folder at the appropriate lecture. I am an expert procrastinator. I got up at 8am having experienced one of the saddest dreams of my life. It wasn't what happened in the dream that was particularly upsetting, but I woke feeling heart broken. Unable to shake the feeling I decided to go to the gym and work (or rather sweat) it out. This made me feel better for a number of reasons. Since I have enjoyed a 2 hour nap, made scrambled egg on toast for lunch, read the blog of someone I've only met once, watched Jam and Jerusalem on the BBC iplayer, and sat in the kitchen for a good hour drinking coffee and talking about horses' penises. I currently find myself writing this blog. I need to start this essay. Much panic ensued yesterday after Ed told me that it was due in on Monday, at this point I could be found rushing to my room to check my diary, course outline, and the online submission webpage. Thankfully he was wrong. I have 8 days (including today) to read for and write the thing. Usually this means that in the comfort of knowing I had written the title, I would spend the next 3 days ignoring it, and do the essay in the necessary 5 days. However on this occasion I must change my habits. In order to do this essay I need to read the 2001 and 2005 election manifesto's of the Labour Party. I was confident about this until Ed showed me just how long the things are. I am ashamed of my naivety, being a politics student I should have known how long they would be. But alas I grossly underestimated their length. No wonder the electorate doesn't bother to read them.

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