Sunday, 28 September 2008

MySpace Archive - Photos and Sewing

I know I'm about 5 years behind everyone else on this but I finally bothered to find out how to add pictures to this blog, so here is some pictures of my sewing that I tried to add ages ago.
These are the first two dresses I made both from old curtains using a hand drawn pattern from the book 'Yeah! I made it myself'. I have since realised how unflattering they were and they are in the bin/spare fabric bag (I can't remember which). Nevertheless they weren't a bad start, I even wore the lilac one out of the house! I've cut my head of in these pictures so as not to distract from the brilliance of the clothes (and because I was looking bloody awful).

Next I made these two skirts using a pattern from Burda. The pink one has an elastic waistband, which isn't too flattering but it looks fine under a top. I have since cut the black netting to make it much shorter and I wore the skirt out one night. The netting is really itchy though. I really loved the fabric of the greenish skirt (it was also an old pair of curtains) but once made it didn't seem to suit me or go with anything else I had, so it too never made it into my wardrobe, which I kinda regret now.

Two more dresses I made without patterns, they are simply two trapezoids sewn together, with elastic sewn in round the top and a ribbon round the waist, volia! Have worn both out and about.

Another dress I tried to make without a pattern, really not a good idea unless there is elastic and ribbons/hefty waist belts involved to give some shape. Debated wearing this one day, then chickened out, which was probably for the best.

A top I made from nothing more than an old scarf from a charity shop and a few bits of ribbon. Doesn't look all that impressive in the photos, but it must be halfway decent as I wore it out too.

Dress made from a Burda pattern and that same curtain material (we had a lot of spare curtains okay). It used to have pockets but looked like a cleaning lady's uniform so I removed them. Haven't actually worn this due to lack of the sunny spring days I feel it deserves.

Skirt made from that same Burda pattern. Wore it out to a school disco.

My best piece yet, made from the Burda pattern again. I wore this out on my 21st birthday where I insisted on telling most people I met that I'd made it and got rather drunk, hence why I'm not adding a photo of me wearing it that night.
Some other random bits and bobs I've made.

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