Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Myspace Archive - On Why Myspace Amuses Me Or Why My Profile Isn't Private But Probably Should Be

Before we start I'd like to say that I like MySpace, I also like facebook. I don't have a favourite. I don't believe that everyone is so disillusioned with the 'new' facebook that they are all going to switch MySpace. I changed to the new facebook layout a few months ago, I'm used to it. I can't remember what the old layout was like. I predict that soon the majority of other facebook users will go the same way. They may both be social network sites but they are in my opinion very different. MySpace is creative, individual and not terribly user friendly, facebook has more of my friends, easier for stalking people (come on you've all done it) but also generic, changes it's layout too often (just because I'm used to it doesn't mean I want it changing all the time), and has that irritating option to invite friends to groups (if I hate the new layout/care about puppies/whales/orphans/whatever I'll find the group myself okay?). Anyway point is they are different, I like change. I use both. Incidentally I'm not too sure why I choose to keep my blog on MySpace rather than facebook, maybe because facebook only has 'notes' rather than a specific blog function? Perhaps because a blog is pretty personal and MySpace is more personalised? I reckon it's because I didn't like the way a new note is advertised to all my 'friends' some of which I admit I have met once or twice but I'm too lazy to delete/don't want to look less popular. I know MySpace now has a newsfeed type function in 'friend updates' but can't be bothered to change anything now.

Anyhow this blog has gone rather off topic. What I wanted to highlight was the different social rules (for want of a better phrase) that govern interactions in the two social networks. Now it is very rarely that I get friend requests or messages from people I don't know on facebook, it's happened two or three times at the most. However on MySpace this occurs almost daily (an not just from bands or whatever, that I get), especially when I've been active maybe there is some kinda search function for people that are online/have been recently, or maybe my face comes up on the home page or whatever. I never reply to these people, though I admit to being tempted once or twice. Problem is, as much as I would like to share my oh so fascinating life with interested strangers, there is no way of telling if people are who they say they are, and being a naturally suspicious person I generally assume they are not. This is probably for the best. I suspect that some months ago a certain ex tried to get me to add them as a friend in order to read this very blog by posing as an attractive young male and/or girl.

N.B. anyone who asks if you have a webcam is not, in my opinion, a desirable friend.

Here are some of my favourite messages I've received from apparent strangers –

'good to see there is another norfolker at essex.'

My first message. At least this guy actually had an in, and, god I've just realised I actually know him though I didn't when I received this. Might actually message him 2 and a half years later.

'oh my got your pics are very good you are very beautiful i like u i want to recognize with you i want to speak friendly pls can you give me your hotmail adress or yahoo pls'

Intrigued to know what recognizing with me would involve…

'i am a boy from ghana who is interested in making friends acroos the world. so in my serch for friends in this site i went through your profile and i was catch up to pick you as my penpal friend. i hope you will be a loving friend to no. i also hope my request will meet your kindest and earliest consideration, till i hear from you take care and have a nice day'

Could have let down a genuine nice boy, could've been some kinda scam where they start asking for my bank details.

'.. so if someone came along and gave u £10,000 just like that, out of the blue ud not be happy .. and then 2 weeks later u won the lottery in excess of £1 mil it'd not make u happy for a long lng time ? lol ...'

This guy clearly didn't understand the amusing quote on my profile, considered explaining it to him, couldn't be bothered.

you are very sexy
i have cam and msn and you?'

From a girl, apparently…

'I bet you make an amazing lover!!! ?'

Well, thanks a lot, I do. Not that you will ever find out.

'Miss C,
Because you're so damn pretty, and because I'm sleepless, I've a quick but ridiculously cheeky question! Read on..

Shy people get nothing in this world..and if u don't ask u don't get. So would it be such a crime to ask for ur mobile number so that I text you a tad later and perhaps ask you for a damn good pic message of ur top totty self?? I could just twiddle my thumbs to sleep..but that'd just give me arthritis :(

Please don't be offended! I'm being totally inappropriate I know..but spontaneity is the spice of life..right? Make an exception for me.. PS - and I would like to get to know u, despite the message!'

My personal favourite, points for inventiveness/honesty.

There are two possible conclusions to draw from this.

One, there are a lot of strange/lonely/upfront people in the world.

Two, my profile is giving out a message I didn't intend it to.

If it's number two I would appreciate a shout telling me so, what with the job hunt in progress and all that.



Anonymous said...

Yeah sorry Catherine, but it does come across as a bit slutty. Only telling you this as I'm your friendd.

CatFish said...

Thank you for your input anonymous friend. Luckily in the year since I posted this I have set my profile to friends only so just 35 people, none of them potential employers, are exposed to my 'slutty' profile.
p.s. Not being able to spell friend makes you look stupid. I'm only telling you this as a friend