Thursday, 31 January 2008

MySpace Archive - One Little Lesson

I do not understand why men are not taught this little lesson when they reach puberty, or why they fail to learn from experience.

Firstly in my humble opinion dancing hopefully behind a girl in a club is not an ideal why to pull. I admit it can sometimes work but I would like to point out the occasions on which a man should count his loses and give up. If he has been dancing behind the girl for over two minutes or if she has looked him over more than once and is still not dancing with him or even given him a smile it is time for the man to give up or swap tactics. True she may just be shy, but still it should be acknowledged that continuation of the same tacit is not going to work and only make people both feel uncomfortable. If the girl leans over to one of her friends and starts laughing, or switches places, the man is definitely on to a loser and should leave immediately.

I deleted the second half of this post in which I bitched about people kissing in clubs as it now makes me look like a hypocrite.

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