Wednesday, 8 October 2008

MySpace Archive - Shopping Sprees and Window Sills

Okay so I had a little shopping spree...

Shoes; slippers; (fake) leather jacket; tights; necklace; material, buttons, ribbon and elastic for sewing; waist belt; hiar clips and... black skinny jeans!

This is actually quite good for me. I wouldn't let myself have several things I wanted (including a gorgeous pair of black patent ankle boots in Next) until I get a job, and therefore some actual money!

And don't think that I spent ALL my money on silly expensive, will go out of fashion in 10 minutes, new clothes, no... (only most of it)

I got an oversized black and white top from the British Heart Foundation which I plan to shove a waist belt around and wear as a dress. It works pretty well until I lift my arms up, but has a hole in the side which I'm planning on fixing any day now. I have two other dresses that I got cheap in the sales because of faults that I'm going to fix, pictures when I get round to it. I also got these shoes -

For £3.50! I hardly ever find my size in charity shops probably because most of the stuff is donated by old ladys who have smaller feet than me.

I cut out a pattern for a new dress yesterday so sewing will resume shortly, if I don't get a job soon or anything silly like that! In the mean time for no reason in particular (except that now I know how to add pictures I can't stop) here are some pictures of a few of my favourite things, most of which live on my window sill.

Wooden roses, or flowers that never die.

Hematite, This gem stone is supposed to represent war and make warriors invincible, also meant to promote calm, confidence, strength, concentration and other crap like that. I just think it is pretty.

Poison bottle, found when digging up our old backgarden.

Music box, plays a song from Phantom of the Oprea.

Sad man figure.

My rather expensive but very pretty wallpaper.

And finally... my new shoes! and no don't be stupid, of course they aren't comfortable!

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