Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Firstly regarding the name of this blog. I created this blog rather on the spur of the moment and I apologise for not being able to think of anything more creative. However I rather like it. I’ve become strangely attached to this childhood nickname over the last few years, which is odd because I never liked it at the time and I didn’t enjoy my time at primary and high school all that much.

Secondly, welcome to my new blog! I’ve moved over from MySpace, wishing to reach a wider audience with whom I can share my take on life, while distancing it from my real name.

Thirdly, bear with me (interestingly it is bear not bare, that would mean get naked with me). One, because I have a full time job now don’t cha know. Two, I want to copy across some of my more interesting MySpace entries, and three, I need to personalise/work out how to use this site.

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