Friday, 24 October 2008

Red Nails

I don't often wear nail polish because I can't keep it on for more than a few hours. If I don't smudge it while its still wet I will have chewed half of it off by the end of the night and I can't believe ingesting all those chemicals is doing my digestive system any good. Nevertheless there is nothing quite like surveying new polished hands and feet to make you feel well... polished. Shame one little chip can spoil the whole effect. I think I might need to get back into nail polish, last time I bought a load I was about 13, purchsed a number of bright colours, pink, purple, blue etc. and painted each nail a different colour. I think it's time for something a little more mature. My current favourites of the colours I own are black, a bright red and a nude pink colour. I fancy a deep burgundy next. Just got to resist the urge to bite it off!

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