Monday, 3 November 2008

Me vs Dress

Took on the 1950's dress again yesterday. I think it ended in a draw. I took up the shoulders which solved most of the problems. It's still a little baggy around the bust but I decided any of my attempts to solve this would be more likely to make it worse. Here's a picture of progress so far.

I still need to finish the hem (it's only pinned up at the moment, waiting for the delievery of the new iron), add the rest of the bias binding (I've only done the neckline) and add all the buttons and snaps. So close yet so far, my next free day isn't until Friday.

Went out with some of the girls from work last night. Had a good laugh despite myself being the only one without a husband/long term boyfriend and/or children.

Finally though I welcomed this summer holidays bleaching effect on my hair I am not loving the fact I now look like I've got roots.

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