Saturday, 1 November 2008


Finally found the time to do some more sewing. I’ve got quite a pile of projects to get through at the moment. Started off by doing some more work on a polka dot 1950s dress I’ve sewing for ages. I thought I’d nearly finished but when I tried it on it didn’t fit properly around the top, which I blame entirely on the fact I don’t have big enough boobs. I think I need to take the shoulders up and alter the darts around the bust. However I’m an impatient sewer and I got frustrated with the dress and my mothers attempts to help, so threw it on the floor to forget about until tomorrow when I might be in the mood to fit it properly. I’ve been reminded why I like making easy shapeless dresses so much. They are so quick and easy and can look just as good as something fitted with the aid of a waist belt. I think I’ll always be too impatient to ever make any really lovely fitted dresses. A body form might help me out, at least then I wouldn’t run the risk of sticking pins into myself when I’m trying to fit stuff. I must get round to making one out of duct tape as suggested here.

Having abandoned the dress I decided to make something simple to make myself feel better so following this tutorial I make an elasticised high waisted skirt. The beige fabric I used had been left over from the curtains in my mothers room. I didn’t get a chance to finish it and won’t be able to until our new iron is delivered on Monday. Trying to sew seams and hems is a big no no without an iron. I also caught up with my personal diary writing which I had got very behind on, still needing to write about events that occurred in August. I like my days off, I won’t want to go back to work on Monday. Yet when I was unemployed I wasted my days watching DVDs.

Okay, time for pictures…

The 1950's dress I'm sewing in it's current state.

Elasticated skirt, I still need to hem it and I've got some gold buttons to add to the waist band.

Here I changed into a cream top to give a better view of the black elastic waist band. I have also pinned up the hem at the front to give an idea of what it should look like when it's finished. I was however intercepted by my mother when checking it out in the only full length mirror in the house (which happens to be in her room) and we agreed I should make it about an inch shorter than shown here, apparently it balances out the fullness better. See also that I still have bruised knees!

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