Saturday, 20 December 2008

Charity Shop Finds Part Four

I'm afriad I might have started with the better finds. The pictures here and in parts two and three just don't seem to cut it compared to the first post. Well I guess it goes to show the perils of charity shopping, as I like to call it. You win some, you lose some, but at least you won't spend a fortune playing.

Blue and white wrap around skirt. I bought this for a mere £1 thinking it would be great for the but have since found it creases like a b***h and it's slightly see through. I have never worn it.

One of the winners. I spotted this necklace in the window display of a charity shop I was walking past. There was no price and I had to ask. I don't remember how much it was, but it can;t have been much £2 or £3?

Another winner. I've never worn this jacket very much as the dark navy almost black colour and long cut made it difficult pair with anything in my wardrobe but since pairing it with these black skinny jeans I hope to be wearing it more often. Only problem is that the white piping is coming unsitched on one of the seems. I shall have to find a way to fix it. Again I can't remember how much this jacket cost. It was probably £6 or £7.

I know this jacket is a bad fit and I knew it when I bought it, but at the time I was less discerning and thought that getting a topshop jacket which had probably cost around £40 for a mere £6.50 was too good a bargin to turn down. Despite the bad fit I actually wear this jacket quite alot just because I like the colour.

In other news I finally wore the 1950's dress I made. I wore it out around our local town, which I had no reason to go to other than to get petrol, but decided to use the opportunity to browse the charity shops (where I got an amazing jacket. Pictures later, the only pictures I have on my camera at the moment are of the mould we found behind my chest of drawers!) and buy some materials for the next couple of sewing projects. The dress seemed to be a hit, getting compliments from a couple of strangers and a member of the Lions club dressed as santa who decided to shout at me 'I'm seeing spots' which I'm not sure was meant as a compliment or not...

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