Thursday, 18 December 2008

Christmas Party

A picture of my outfit...

I picked up this dress over the summer in the oasis sale (£100 down to £30!) though I had no idea what I was going to wear it for at the time. The dress had a small rip in the fabric by the zip, but I patched it up and now it hardly notices. p.s. I am not a giant, we just have a small tree this year and I am wearing huge heels!

... and the joke from my cracker

Q: Why did the jelly baby go to school

A: Because it wanted to be a smartie

It was lovely to see all the girls dressed up. Congrats to those girls who managed to coax their partners into suits! Everyone enjoyed the 'this is your life' themed slide show of the life of the pre-bookings department, I was glad they had used one of the better pictures of me from facebook and that I haven't been there long enough for them to have learnt any dirty secrets to spill. Tanya and Sharon put loads of effort into it, Kerry was right when she said they are the best manager and assitant manager ever. Its a great team to work in and I wish them all the best for July when the future of the pre-bookings department should become known, afterall I need somewhere to send my postcard after March!

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