Tuesday, 30 December 2008

I Have A Headache

Well, I’ve not updated for a while. I’ve been busy and tired. This having a full time job lark takes its toll.

I spent Christmas Day at Grandmas with mother’s side of the family and the dog. Then spent a good part of Boxing Day, as a favour to my sick mother, in a cold windswept field picking up horse poo and trying to avoid getting killed by afore mentioned horses. My life isn’t all glamour you know!

I’ll be spending New Years with friends from my hometown, probably with my video camera in tow just like last year. I’m going to make it a tradition! In terms of resolutions I’m going to keep it simple. I actually kept last years which filled me with a great sense of achievement so I’ve decided to stick to easy ones this year so I can do it again! More on those in the New Year. I haven’t decided what I’ll be wearing yet, if it’s anything good I may take a quick snap.

No one thought to get the dog a present

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