Wednesday, 24 December 2008

I finally got around to altering this dress. It took a couple of attempts as the first time the hem did not match up at the buttons down the front for reasons beyond my understanding. I'm pretty pleased with the result, it makes the dress much more wearable and gives it a younger feel as I'd hoped.

I wore the dress today, teaming it with a suit jacket, vintage brooch, the black tights in the picture and some small healed black shoes. I thought I looked pretty snazzy, a little over dressed maybe for a quick stop in the local town and then meeting an old friend, but not too bad. Unfortunately the teenage girls I encountered outside tesco seemed to disagree.
"What are you wearing? S**t"
I just ignored them but I wish I had taken the time to ask if they were speaking to me and then educate on the fact I was wearing "a dress, a jacket from a suit, black tights and see these things on my feet they are called shoes. Are we clear? Do we need to go over it again? No? Good, Merry Christmas!"

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Gorilla Bananas said...

Those cheeky girls need a good spanking! I'm sure you looked a lot smarter than they did.