Saturday, 10 January 2009

Nails Inc

Gosh I haven't updated in a while. Must be my hectic social life, I wish! Anyway, I have found a solution to my problems with nail varnish! A while back I got a free nails inc varnish with Glamour magazine (it was actually featured on a money saving site as you got a full size nail polish worth £10.50 for a £2 magazine. It was suggested as a good stocking filler, but I decided to keep it for myself). A few days ago I decided to try it out. The picture below is of my nails with just one coat of varnish after 2 days wear.

Colour - Piccadilly Circus
Admittedly my love of really hot baths did result in some chipping, but as the colour goes on so well I was able to just wack on another coat without redoing the whole nail. I was so impressed that I placed an order on their website. They are a little pricey at £10.50 a bottle, but they do deals if you buy three or more colours and they have a sale on and I sneakily used a discount code I found on the net. Anyway these babies cost me £27.99 and arrived in the post today. I can't wait to try them all out. Although it was pointed out to me today that the green perfectly matches my Center Parcs uniform. Not quite the look I was going for.

Left to Right - Downing Street Diamonds Treatment Base Coat, Belgrave Place, Maddox Street, Ascot,Victoria, and Shoreditch

Sorry if this just sounds like an advert for nails inc. They are not paying me, promise!

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