Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday Lunch

Wow check me out with the daily posts. I am being such a good blogger. Expect that to stop once Global Xchange starts! Here's what I wore out to Sunday lunch today at a rather posh venue. I've been watching way too much America's Next Top Model so please excuse the pose.

It's a new dress I picked up in the New Look sale this week. I was only meant to be buying practical clothes that I could take to Stanstead and Kazakhstan but at £12 how could I resist? New Look is pretty much the only place I'm buying clothes at the moment because I'm on something of an ethics drive at the moment and it's the only high street store I know of that has something of an ethical policy though it's far from perfect. I suppose if you're going to get dresses for £12 you're going to be expoliting somebody. Hum... now I feel bad about my wardrobe. I wish I had the time and money to do the research and make the neccessary lifestyle changes to be more ethical. I am trying bit by bit.

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Sarah said...

HOT! i should start watching that - though i pose so much as it is!

Yea as they say at tesco - every little helps. At least your making small changes and trying to do your bit. Lets all remember the Primark episode though with their "ethical policy" and in reality it was a f-ing joke!