Monday, 16 November 2009

Little Fashion and Beauty Escapes of the Volunteer

Okay, so fashion and beauty wasn’t exactly my number one priority while I was running around Harlow and Shymkent volunteering and dealing with the daily toils of Global Xchange but I did manage to sneak in a few moments of retail therapy and make-up experimentation.

Had another bash at Effy's eyemake from skins that I tried back in March in this post. Made the liner thicker this time. I really love the colour of this eyeliner but unfortunately it doesn't seem to go with any of the clothes I own.

Loved this look and I got loads of compliments about it. Nothing like a good boost to the old self esteem. Mixed green and purple eyeshadow with loads of black mascara for stewarding at the Bishops Stortford music festival. The green turned out to be a perfect match for my GX t-shirt.

Now for the retail...

Black wetlook legging. My mother says I look like a dominatrix, I love them. Worn here with a vintage David Emanuel t-shirt designed for the WWF. It's so sad but I can't really wear this t-shirt out. It's somewhat miscoloured and thread bare at the back. Kinda looks someone might have been wearing it as a nightgown for the last ten years. Probably because that is exactly what I did before I realised its true value. I'm hoping to use its basic shape as a pattern for a whole load of printed, plain and embellished t-shirts I'm planning.

Did not think this purchase through. It's the perfect little summer dress. However the material is man made and not breathable enough to cope in the heat of a Kazakh summer so I left it at home to wear when I got back, in winter! Can only hope this look is still in next year. Might start looking for matching cardigans.

Didn't make too many purchases in Kazakhstan due to the general rhinestoned tackyness of everything. I did however make a few purchases in the bazaars, see the entry for Sunday on this post, and these shoes! They are fantastic. I love them. They are from Kira Plastinina and cost the equivalent of about £20.

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