Friday, 27 November 2009

Need to Do More Sewing

My little sketches of ideas for sewing projects now runs to 15 pages. But here is a list of projects for which I have the fabrics sitting in my stash.

  • Tunic top/dress and jumper dress from pink Uzbek fabric
  • Customise discoloured black skinny jeans with bleach
  • Turn one old pair of jeans into a skirt
  • Lengthen dark denim jeans, use a trim to cover the mark left from taking them down
  • Add waist elastic to two shapeless dresses
  • Do something with that hideous dress I bought from a charity shop, a bag maybe. Why did I buy that?
  • Resize red Karlygash t-shirt from Kazakhstan
  • Shift dress from green Uzbek fabric
  • Dress from white net curtains
  • White dress to wear underneath net dress with pin on bleeding heart
  • Shift dress from brown 60’s pattern duvet cover
  • High waisted full skirt from multi coloured polka dot fabric
  • Baby doll top from dark blue flowered fabric
  • Doddle dress from left over cream curtain lining fabric

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