Saturday, 28 November 2009

Asymmetrical Shredded Tee

Here is a little project that I actually started before I went away for Global Xchange. When I posted it on burdastyle a number of people asked how long it took. It is quite difficult to tell. I mean the project didn't get finished for 8 months but I estimate that the actual shredding took no longer than about 8 hours. It was one of those projects that you drop and then pick up again alot. It can't be done in one sitting. The shredding didn't require too much attention so I tended to do it while watching tv but my fingers started to hurt after about 45 mins.

I followed the how to from Camille at childhood flames (link). Thank you very much to her for that. I cut off one sleeve, to make the whole thing asymmetrical (not sure what gave me this idea but the whole thing looked a lot better once it was done), plus the hem of the another sleeve and the bottom hem before I began shredding the t-shirt. I found it difficult to stop the shreds narrowing at top and gave up in the end. I have found that the top can be worn in a variety of ways. On the shoulder, off the shoulder, with a belt, or with the remaining sleeve tucked inside itself to create a one shoulder vest. The weather being pretty cold here in England at the moment I haven't got round to wearing this. Some clever layering is called for.


Ashley said...

Beautiful! YOu did an amazing job!!

Stevie said...

I've wanted to try this for a while now after stumbling across the Camille's DIY. I just never have the time. Nicely executed.