Thursday, 3 December 2009

Christmas Update

I did it. I actually managed to buy gold ribbon in a charity shop. Thank you Save The Children. I was disappointed though to find that the Oxfam store has moved premises and won't be reopening until December 20th. Seriously? I've never encountered worse business sense. 'Oh lets shut the shop for the entire month before Christmas'! I know that charity shops won't get as busy as other retail outlets around Christmas but surely they must get extra business from people looking for something a bit different/cheap/ethical; Even just from selling Christmas cards. I had Oxfam mentally noted as my shop of choice to get a number of gifts for my family, who I'm seeing on the 13th, as the shop usually has a lot of new recycled and/or fair trade items. Those that I had earmarked for fair trade chocolates will now have to make do my home baking. I also managed to get all the materials to make my friends gifts. I shall have to post the results after Christmas as they all have access to this blog. I am going to have loads of materials left over so I'm considering starting up a etsy shop though I'm not sure it's worth it. Only present that I have yet to sort out is my mother's.

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