Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Office Wear

In preparation for my Teach First interview (Which was months ago I know. I’ve been a bit inconsistent with my posting) I obviously had to purchase a new suit. I love this grey check suit that I got from Next, so different from boring old black. I bought the matching trousers too. I got some frilly blouses to wear with it but I like it best with this black jumper.

Also behold magical office wear to outfit for a meal out transformation. Changed the skirt, added a belt and changed the jacket, so basically lost the suit entirely. Hum that doesn’t really work. Oh well, anyway I have also found that I can wear the suit jacket with other outfits to add a tweedish (because it’s not tweed it’s check but they are similar) touch to the whole thing. Always makes me feel like a proper English country lady!

The necklace that I’m wearing in these photos is actually a small key that I found on the pavement in Almaty, Kazakhstan and threaded on to a silver chain I had. Doesn’t quite match up to these, but then mine has memories!

Image from Tiffany & Co.

p.s. Dear Santa, although I already have my own unique version I still think the Tiffany key necklaces are beautiful and I really wouldn't mind receiving one, thanks xx

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Anonymous said...

i really wanted a 'key necklace' about a year ago, and ordered one on ebay - it didnt come in the end and paypal gave me a refund and i was a bit :( and this has just reminded me!! like th idea of the one u found on a chain - jewellery with a story to tell is so much better.
miss u