Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Christmas Crafting Update

Here's a picture of the ginger bread men (and women) that I made as gifts for family members. The first batch burnt but these lot came out good. Only problem was that they would be no good by Christmas so had to persuade everyone to open them up when we met last weekend.

If anyone is interested in the recipe please let me know and I will try and post it. They are decorated with butter icing, dark chocolate drops and raisins. I made two for each person, a man and a woman, and each one was decorated slightly differently. There were more but I couldn’t fit them all in the photo. I even made little gift bags to wrap them in from the wallpaper I had. It turns out that sellotape doesn’t stick to wallpaper which was something of a problem but the whole lot seemed to be holding together with the application of large amounts of glue, gold ribbon and sellotape on the inside of the paper, to which it does stick. I actually ended up wrapping a couple of presents with the paper turned inside out. It’s a shame that I forgot to take pictures of the gift bags because they were really pretty; will have to remember to take one of the last one that I have to make. I have made presents for four friends with one left to do. They are all getting variations of the same thing as it was easier (and cheaper) from a materials point of view and meant that I didn’t need to experiment with loads of new techniques. There were a few failures before I got to the finally product and even then to be honest I could have bought something better from a shop so I hope they are not expecting great things but it is the thought that counts. It is the present for my mother that is proving the biggest headache. I thought that I would be able to buy what I have in mind from a charity shop but no such luck so I resigned myself to making it. I have quite a good idea of how to do it but then things never turn out quite how you imagine them in your head and more often that not a total disappointment. Another problem was that I can’t get the materials I need locally and haven’t been able to travel further afield recently due to doing loads of job applications and snow blocking the roads. I should be going Wednesday which will give me err… one day! Will post pictures of my creations, success or failure, after Christmas when all the presents have been opened.

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